Minas Gerais Agency | The Government of Minas Gerais and the BDMG are launching the “Credit to Grow” line with a reduced amount for small and micro companies. – Worth Rich

O Government of Minas e Development Bank of Minas Gerais (BDMG) announced on Tuesday (7/5), during the 1st edition of the Conexão Minas Livre event, the creation of the “BDMG Crédito para Crescer” line, aimed at small and medium-sized companies located in mid-level municipalities in the program. Minas Free to Growdeveloped by Office of the Secretary of State for Economic Development (Headquarters-MG).

Entrepreneurs in these areas will be able to access reduced financing rates – 5.75% per year + Selic, with a repayment period of 48 months, and a grace period of 12 months – for renovations, working capital, loan payments, equipment purchases, among others. other programs.

The aim of the bank and Sede-MG with the new line of credit is to support small companies and, thus, increase the production of jobs and income in these areas, after all, according to data from Sebrae, by 2023, 80% of the vacancies with a legal contract in the country will be created by businesses small ones. In addition, it is a way to encourage city halls to develop policies aimed at economic freedom, such as the liberalization of work permits.

“We want to contribute to ensuring that small and medium-sized businesses prosper and live longer. This route has the potential to impact cities as a whole, especially in the center, improve local commerce, generate opportunities and income for the public in all regions of the State”, said the acting president of BDMG, Antônio Claret Júnior.

And according to Claret, the line “BDMG Livre para Crescer” reinforces the proposal of the Government of Minas Gerais to simplify governance in economic activities, which aims to simplify the process of opening companies in the State, to increase the competitiveness of businesses in Minas Gerais, to attract new investors and to increase the work of the municipal government.

Minas Free to Grow

The Minas Livre Para Crescer program was established in 2019 and proposes the reduction of positions in the government by adhering municipalities to the Economic Freedom law. Until this month, 442 city halls have already published general actions related to this program, which represents more than half of the state, which affects the lives of more than 11 million citizens. The challenge now is for cities that have begun to take steps to improve the maturity levels of this system.

The data from Sede-MG, as presented by the Secretary of State for Economic Development, Fernando Passalio, shows the potential of the program. “Of the more than 140,000 jobs created in the State in 2023, 56% were in municipalities that use these measures. In addition, among the 100 cities in Minas Gerais that created the most jobs last year, 66 implemented economic liberalization policies. Our expectation is that these figures will improve as the municipalities advance the level of maturity in Minas Livre Para Crescer,” said Passalio.

Considering the ten small municipalities (with up to 50 thousand people) that contributed the most to the creation of jobs in Minas Gerais last year, nine adopted these regulations. Another benefit is that, where the program was introduced, the average working time of the companies was reduced to 23 hours.

Second level

Municipalities that have advanced to the middle level of Minas Livre para Crescer become part of Redesim + FreeHeadquarters-MG campaign in collaboration with Board of Trade of the State of Minas Gerais (Jucemg). Through this platform, town halls are able to automate all stages of company approval, at the municipal level, for low and medium risk businesses.

Since the introduction of the Minas Livre, the Government has already increased to 730 the number of jobs that are considered low risk and, therefore, are exempted from the business license to start operating.

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