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Presidential government Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) announced, on Tuesday (29), a new package of aid measures in Rio Grande do Sul, a country devastated by floods caused by heavy rains since the end of April, in the biggest weather disaster in its history.

In a ceremony held early in the morning, at the Palácio do Planalto, the measures were announced by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, Dario Durigan, number 2 in the folder. Minister Fernando Haddad (PT)in São Paulo (SP), did not participate in the announcement.

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Earlier, the executive secretary of the Civil House Department, Miriam Belchiorlooked at the main actions of the government for the reconstruction of Rio Grande do Sul.

Apart from Lula, Belchior and Durigan, the vice president of the Republic and the minister of Development, Industry, Trade and Services, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), and the Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Fávaro.

The projects announced by the government have a limit of R300 million rands for equipment purchase lines and financing projects. The line of credit for emergency working capital for small companies has a limit of R50 million, while large companies will be able to finance up to R400 million.

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In announcing the measures, Durigan said the actions of the Federal Executive were reaching “the end of the first cycle”. “Financial stability for the government, municipalities, companies and people is going well”, said Haddad’s number 2 at Finance.

“There is no key to who can enter it. Small and large companies can also access it, but medium and large companies can use financing at unprecedented interest rates in the country”, concluded Durigan.

See the measures announced by the government on Wednesday (29):

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▪ Resources: Social Fund up to R15 billion
▪ Target audience: companies in general, including large companies

▪ Lines:
Procurement of Machinery, Equipment and Services
Fees: base fee 1% pa + bank spread
Terms: Up to 60 months with a 12-month grace period

Project Financing: customized projects involving public works
Fees: base fee 1% pa + bank spread
Terms: Up to 120 months with a grace period of 24 months

Emergency Working Capital
Rates: basic charges 4% pa for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and 6% pa
for large companies + bank spreads
Terms: Up to 60 months with a 12-month grace period

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  • Limits per project: R300 million for productive investment lines (1 and 2 above);
  • $50 million in emergency working capital for MSMEs; and $400 million in emergency working capital for large companies

▪ Credit unions can now operate on Pronampe

▪ Approval of an additional contribution of R600 million to FGO to ensure the performance of rural loans for small and medium farmers.

(Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation)

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FINEP – A new line of credit for RS reconstruction

Up to R1.5 billion at a rate of TR+5%, through operators such as credit cooperatives, Banrisul and BRDE

▪ 50% of services for micro, small and medium enterprises
▪ Up to 40% of the loan can be used for working capital associated with investment in RD&I infrastructure
▪ Start-ups that have received funding from Embrapii, BNDES, Lei do Bem or Finep in the last 10 years are eligible.

FINEP – Notifications

▪ Emergency repair of equipment for Research Centers – R$50 million
▪ Emergency repair of Research equipment – ​​R$ 15 million

Which had been announced

The federal government had already made four major announcements for the reconstruction of Rio Grande do Sul First, more than R50 billion for social programs such as Bolsa Família and the Continuous Payment Benefit, something that is very important to the people of Rio Grande. Sul on Income Tax refunds and new unemployment insurance contributions. The announcement also included special lines of credit for productive sectors.

On 11 May, a Provisional Measure (MP) worth R12.5 billion opened up credit to several government departments and ensured the continuation of the organization’s work in the province.

The Member of Parliament also includes measures already announced in terms of credit lines (FGI, FGO, Pronampe and Pronaf/Pronamp), measures to support food security (Food Access Program and basic food baskets), shelter and an additional installment of SUAS, additional installments of unemployment insurance, basic and special health surveillance services and epidemiological, pharmaceutical assistance and temporary employment of professionals and importing 100 thousand tons of rice.

On the 13th, the government suspended the payment of 100% of the debt that Rio Grande do Sul owes to the Union, for 3 years, releasing R11 billion for the state reconstruction fund. In addition, R12 billion of total debt interest will be forgiven. The measures were outlined in an accompanying bill submitted to the National Congress.

On the 15th, Lula announced another set of measures to help the state. Among them, among the measures, there is an aid of R5,100 to the families affected by the disaster in Rio Grande do Sul; withdrawal of up to R6,200 from the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS); and the inclusion of 21 thousand families in the Bolsa Família program.

Aid of R5,100 will be transferred directly by Caixa Econômica Federal, through Pix, to purchase furniture and electrical appliances. Verification of benefit entitlement will be done through the address of the family, if the area is affected by rains. The authorities will carry out the necessary checks.

The federal government expects that approximately 200,000 families will be served across the province, with an expected total cost of R1.2 billion.

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